Meeting of parliamentary hearing committee postponed until Sunday

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The meeting of the parliamentary hearing committee called for Thursday has been postponed until Sunday with members of the committee outside the Kathmandu Valley.

Four lawmakers of the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) have been boycotting the recent meetings of the 15-member committee headed by Laxman Lal Karna stating that recommendation of the chairmen for the five constitutional bodies is illegal.

Some of the lawmakers of ruling CPN are outside the Valley and the meeting has also been postponed as it coincided with the party’s secretariat meeting.

“We have called the meeting for Sunday,” Chairman of the committee Karna told Setopati.

Hearings of Balananda Paudel for chairman of the National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission, and Shanta Raj Subedi for that of National Inclusion Commission have been completed but the committee has yet to endorse them. Federal Socialist Forum Nepal has been opposing recommendation of Subedi.

The committee is also investigating citizenship and educational certificates of Samim Ansari recommended to chair the Muslim Commission.

The Constitution Council on January 20 had recommended five chiefs of different constitutional bodies when NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba was out of the Kathmandu Valley. NC has been boycotting the meeting for hearing of the five chairmen stating the names were recommended in the absence of main opposition leader.

The government had recommended former secretary Balananda Paudel as chairman of the National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission, former secretary Shanta Raj Subedi as that of National Inclusion Commission, Bijay Kumar Dutta in the Madhesi Commission, Bishnu Kumar Chaudhary in the Tharu Commission and Samim Ansari in the Muslim Commission.

Hearings for Dutta and Chaudhary also have not been held yet.



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