My political culture different than his: Shekhar Koirala responds to Deuba

Central member of Nepali Congress (NC) Shekhar Koirala has responded to party president Sher Bahadur Deuba’s criticism of him saying his political culture is different from that of Deuba.

Responding to harsh criticism of the Koirala family by Deuba at a program in Birgunj on Wednesday, Koirala said he is not bothered about what Deuba says.

Deuba had fumed that NC is not a paternal property of anyone and no one can become party president merely for being Koirala. He had also warned that party will take disciplinary action against leaders making irresponsible comments.

“He is my party president and I respect him,” Koirala told Setopati on Thursday. “The way he presented himself may be his political culture. But I did not receive such culture from my family.”

He pointed that everybody has the right to contest in general convention. “He cannot stop me,” he stated. Koirala opined that Deuba should take action against himself if he wants to punish others for commenting that the party has become weak.

“I do not understand why he said he will take action against us. Where will the NC that punishes those with culture and condones those without it go?” Koirala asked.



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