Oli, Nepal exchange salvos on banning of Chand-led CPN

CPN Chairman and Prime Minister (PM) KP Sharma Oli and senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal have started to trade barbs regarding the government’s decision to ban activities of Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN.

Nepal had criticized the government for not discussing the issue inside the party before taking the step of national significance while coming out of the parliament on Wednesday. “I don’t know anything,” Nepal told journalists when asked about the ban. “The party would have defended the decision if it were taken after discussion. The cadres would attack (the critics) like bees. Why should we take responsibility if we are not given importance?” he asked.

He called the ban a propagandist tendency. “Decision is being taken in haste without discussion. This is not right,” he opined.

Oli responded to Nepal’s criticism through the ‘PM with people’ television program in the evening. “Any leader of our party cannot say the ban should not have been imposed,” PM Oli stated.

“Somebody show me where Chand is, where Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma is, and where others are,” he asked. They have put the ban on themselves by hiding and doing criminal activities.”

He clarified that the ban is on criminal activities of Chand. “One can hide, remain inside the house but cannot commit crime. Our concern is with crime,” he added.

He reiterated that no leader from the ruling party can call the ban wrong. “Any leader saying so cannot be true and must be mere publicity. I don’t believe that,” he stated.

He also called the activities of Chand’s group terrorism. “How can one say there should be freedom to detonate bombs, kill people and plunder?” he asked. “Inhuman and terrorist and destructive activities like prohibiting energy development in Nepal, bombing hydropower stations, stopping development of information and communication system, bombing towers, stopping development, looting in the name of donation, prohibiting foreign investment should not happen,” he stressed.

He also warned Chand’s group on national television. “Do quit such activities. Otherwise, it is the duty of government to maintain law and order and it will maintain that,” he said. “I want to say audibly–the government will control it. The government cannot allow continuation of such activities.”



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