Dahal asks Chand: Can federal democratic republic be saved by killing me?

CPN Chairman and former prime minister (PM) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has claimed that Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN is trying to kill him.

“They have reportedly deployed a team saying Dahal should be killed first,” Dahal said addressing a program organized by Youth Communist League (YCL) to felicitate families of martyrs and disappeared persons at Parisdanda on Thursday. “Can federal democratic republic be saved by killing me?” he asked.

He said he has pity on those who have deployed a team to kill him. “I feel pity on seeing those friends. I have told them to think seriously,” he added. He warned the Chand-led group the state would act in accordance to law.

He accused Chand of copying him. “Copying does not get you anywhere apart from giving trouble. One cannot pass by copying me. One can only pass with originality,” he argued.

He claimed that Chand cannot achieve what he aims to as there is no monarchy now and the situation is also not like that in 1996. “It is not 1996. There is no monarchy. The friends who fought together are in the government. Should you not look at the situation?” he asked Chand without naming him. “They want to become the next Prachanda. But that is not easy. I did not start to become Prachanda. The people made me Prachanda. I want to advise my friends of yesteryears that a new Prachanda cannot emerge in this time,” he added.

He pointed that the country has transformed into a federal democratic republic due to the martyrs, disappeared persons and leaders who fought the war and added that the change cannot be undone now. “The change has come due to us. Undoing that means going toward autocracy,” he pointed.

He also urged the families of martyrs and disappeared persons to not be disappointed as those who fought the war currently lead the government with two-third majority. He assured that those helping to bring change will be helped without any bias and prejudice.



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