Govt committed to resisting unwanted activities: DPM Pokharel

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense Ishwor Pokharel has said the government was committed to strongly responding to any activities capable of putting the country in difficulty.

“If anyone have a dream of creating hassle in the country through the means of looting, anarchy, terrorism and divisive activities, the government could not remain passive in this context, pushing the country to difficult situation.

The government would not stay without doing nothing in this situation,” he said.

The government would not stay without any response if any ill attempt were made to kill people by explosion, to explode arms and ammunition and then push the country towards turmoil.

“The government will never surrender before forces wishing to create terrorism at home posing a threat to national integrity and to split the country. It would keep fighting in favor of nationality until the last breath.” He took the time to urge civil rights activists to understand the reality behind banning the activities of those making plans to kill people in the country’s leadership and citizens for not giving donation, instead of defining it from one-way perspective.

As he said, the government is evaluating behavior of CK Raut launching the separatist movement in the country. The Deputy Prime Minister said the government had forged an agreement with him following his promise to join the mainstream of politics, respecting the constitution.

The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) leader took the time to say that the unification between the two communist parties was not just for a show, instead it is for the prosperity of the people and nation.

He assured that the party would move ahead in the days to come by finding a path for accelerated development and prosperity together with the people as per its political commitments.



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