Flip-flop Shashank now pledges allegiance for republicanism, federalism and secularism

Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary Shashank Koirala has made a volte-face in less than 24 hours and stated there is no need for plebiscite on republicanism and federalism.

Speaking to journalists in Chitwan on Thursday Koirala, who on Wednesday said there should be a referendum on republicanism, federalism and secularism, pointed that republicanism and federalism are achievements of the Janaandolan II and one cannot go against them as the Constitution has also incorporated that.

“Republicanism and federalism are our achievements. We cannot go against them. We must instead think about how to institutionalize that,” he said.

He pointed that one of the four stars in the party’s flag depicts religious freedom. “Some are calling for making Nepal a Hindu state but that cannot be done. Religious freedom is our bottom line.”



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