Under secretary manhandled inside Industry Ministry

Cadres of the trade union affiliated Nepali Congress (NC) have manhandled under secretary at the personal secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Supplies Minister Matrika Yadav inside the ministry on Wednesday.
Around 10 persons including leader of the trade union Surendra Bhandari complained that Under Secretary Prem Acharya had taken bribe for transfer of staffers. The cadres resorted to manhandling as the altercation heated up.
Bhandari and others alleged Under Secretary Binod Khadka was transferred to the Department of Industries by taking bribe instead of transferring Under Secretary Shobhakar Regmi there.
Minister Yadav was inside his office at the time of altercation. He came out and urged the protesting staffers to come with evidence of bribe and pointed that it was the ministry administration’s prerogative to transfer staffers.
Police were called after the trade union cadres shouted even at Minister Yadav. The cadres, however, had left the place by the time police arrived.



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