Formation of CPN politburo delayed due to dispute between Dahal and Thapa

Unification process of the ruling CPN has again been stuck with those coming from the former Maoist Center not able to decide the name for 66 politburo members allotted to them.

CPN Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal is unhappy after Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa included many leaders close to him in the list of 66.

The unification process looks set to be extended further also as the party is currently focused on preparing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. “The government was criticized inside the ruling party last year for not consulting party leaders before preparing the budget,” a CPN leader told Setopati. “Prime Minister is holding discussion among the party leaders this time.”

The budget will be presented on May 29 as per the Constitution.

The leader said that the main reason for delay is the dispute about politburo members from the erstwhile Maoist party.

“The list of politburo members was typed to make it public,” a secretariat member said. “Narayan Kaji Shrestha expressed dissatisfaction after looking at the list.”

Party sources say Dahal is also unhappy that Thapa prepared the list as he pleased. “Other leaders complained with Dahal saying Thapa, who is in the task force, did what he pleased,” another CPN leader said. “Thapa has kept 15 leaders close to him in the list for politburo members,” the leader claimed.

The party has agreed to include 81 coming from the then CPN-UML and 66 from Maoist Center in the politburo.

“Those close to Thapa are also leading four out of the six sister organizations the erstwhile Maoists are getting to lead,” the leader claimed. “Formation of the politburo is currently delayed due to the dispute among the erstwhile Maoists.”

Party sources claimed that Dahal has already proposed in the secretariat meeting to not immediately form the politburo due to the dispute with Thapa.

Dahal wants to move the unification process forward by finalizing the division of responsibilities among the central committee members. “But leaders have told him that would be an inverted process. Discussions are on to finalize the politburo,” the leader added.

Leaders from the erstwhile UML do not want division of responsibilities among the central committee members now as many districts have multiple central members.

“Politburo formation will not move forward until Dahal resolves the issue. There is lack of agreement on some names from the erstwhile UML as well but that can be resolved after discussion for half an hour,” the secretariat member claimed.

Dahal is reportedly suspicious with Thapa after rumors that he has abandoned Dahal and is now close to PM KP Sharma Oli. Many claim new equations are being formed inside the party after unification.



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