Nepal, UAE sign labor agreement

Nepal and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed labor agreement.
Labor Minister Gokarna Bista and Human Resource Minister of UAE Nasser Thani Al Hamli signed the agreement on Friday during the centenary celebration of the International Labor Organization (ILO) being held in Geneva, Switzerland.
The two countries have felt the need to make the agreement contemporary incorporating the changes in values and principles about migration in the national and international sectors.
UAE, the fourth preferred destination for Nepali workers taking around 50,000 each year, has initiated reforms in migrant labor sector including facility of insurance fund.
The employers will have to bear all the expenses for selection and recruitment of workers as per the agreement. The workers can look for alternative jobs if they become unemployed due to weaknesses on the part of employers.
There will be no discrimination against workers on the issue of wage, overtime, work environment and access to justice, and equal treatment for migrant workers coming from all the countries. Workers will be able to keep all the documents of individual identity including passports.



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