Convicted bank robber arrested for extortion in name of Chand-led CPN

A man convicted of bank robbery has been arrested for extortion in the name of Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN after completing his jail term.

Kansa Dhimal of Kanepokhari, Morang was one of the dozen individuals arrested for looting Rs 7.50 million from Laxmi Bank in Jhapa 10 years ago. Dhimal, 34 now, has been arrested on Sunday less than three years after he served his seven-year sentence.

SP with Morang Police Bishwo Adhikari said Dhimal joined the Chand-led party some time after coming out of the jail. He was arrested along with Morang people’s council chief of the party Ashok Rai from Belbari on a motorcycle (Ko 17 Pa 4586) Sunday evening.

Police recovered two automatic pistols, four magazines and 14 rounds of bullets from Dhimal’s house Sunday night after preliminary investigation against him and 40-year-old Rai of Sundar Haraincha municipality 12 in Morang.

SP Adhikari claimed Dhimal has a criminal background and planned a robbery at a jewelry shop in Urlabari, Morang before the bank robbery. Adhikari added that Dhimal has intensified extortion in the last six months after joining Chand’s party. “He is a convicted criminal. He has been found to be collecting donations along with people’s council chief,” he stated.

Police estimate that Dhimal is part of the party’s armed unit. “The automatic pistols recovered from his home do not reveal the country of manufacture. We are investigating how Chand’s cadres got their hands on automatic pistols,” he said.

Kendra Lal Dhimal of Urlabari-2 Salbari has been arrested from his home on Monday on the basis of the duo’s statement. Police recovered a home-made gun, gunpowder for use in that gun and other materials.

SP Adhikari said the arrested persons have been charged as per arms and ammunitions section under the Criminal Code 2017 and are being investigated in judicial custody.



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