Guthi bill withdrawn from National Assembly

The controversial guthi bill has been unanimously withdrawn from the National Assembly.
Minister for Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Padma Aryal proposed for withdrawal of the bill during the meeting on Tuesday, and it was withdrawn unanimously.
Minister Aryal said the government has decided to withdraw the bill and start necessary discussions and consultations respecting the people’s feelings.
She also expressed surprise at the demand for revocation of the bill and not just its withdrawal. “The thing that was here has been taken out. What should be revoked now?” she questioned. “I urge everyone to participate in the discussion on development and prosperity instead of looking to pick a fight with the government on the issue of guthi bill”
The bill was registered in the National Assembly on April 30 and presented to the House on May 20 and discussion was held on it seven days later. Lawmakers had even registered six amendment proposals on the bill.
But the government decided to withdraw the bill following massive protests in the Kathmandu Valley. Minister Aryal announced withdrawal of the bill holding a press conference on June 18.
Newar communities in all three districts of the Kathmandu Valley opposed the bill complaining that the government is trying to destroy their culture and tradition.



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