There shouldn’t be multi-centers in party: Ishwore Pokharel

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwore Pokharel has said there should not be multi-centers in the party.

“I have believed from the beginning that there are many leaders in a communist party and they should be managed. But there should not be multi-centers in the party in the name of management,” Pokharel, who is member of the nine-man CPN Secretariat, told Setopati in an interview.

Pokharel, who is openly speaking in favor of CPN Chairman and Prime Minister (PM) KP Sharma Oli even as the latter’s relation with another Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has strained, said there should not be one PM and another chairman in any party.

“The communists in the past had the strategy of use. But the communist party now has reached the place wherein it can implement the declared policy through implementation by remaining at the center of operating the state. I, therefore, believe that there should not be one leader at the place of formulating policies and another at the place of implementing those policies through operation of state,” he elaborated.

He also dismissed the talks about Dahal taking turn as PM as per the agreement reached with Oli. “I stress that neither of the two chairmen have briefed the secretariat about that. The committee, therefore, does not recognize this agreement,” he argued. “We have heard what they have publicly spoken about the issue. But first of all the leaders should officially bring the agreement to the committee.”

Pokharel, who had publicly stated that people’s multiparty democracy should be the party’s guiding principle, claimed that it is still the guiding principle in essence even after the party decided to keep socialism-oriented people’s democracy in its political document.

The political document prepared by a committee led by senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal had kept socialism-oriented people’s democracy as the party’s ideology incorporating the people’s multiparty democracy of the then CPN-UML and the people’s democracy for the 21st century of the then CPN (Maoist Center).

“The theme is still that of people’s multiparty democracy. It has not been called people’s multiparty democracy now for psychological reasons as those coming from one party may feel that they have been dominated by the other after unification.”



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