Indigenous Federation invites Minister Pandit to a program and waves black flags at him

Photo Courtesy: Bikash Dhami/Facebook

Black flags have been waved at Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit on Friday.
National Foundation for Upliftment Indigenous People invited Minister Pandit to a program in Lalitpur and Indigenous People Youth Federation waved black flags against him after he completed his address.
The protesters also chanted slogans demanding resignation of Minister Pandit and withdrawal of advertisement of Public Service Commission (PSC) for local level staffers.
Chairman of Nepal Indigenous People Federation Jagat Baram said Minister Pandit faced the protest after his negative comments against positive discrimination. “We were expecting that he will speak positively about positive discrimination but he spoke negative things,” he stated. “The PSC advertisement was issued violating the Constitution. We are protesting to get it withdrawn. Black flags were waved as per the protest program.”



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