Former Maoists against appointment of Pokharel as school department head

Leaders of the erstwhile CPN (Maoist Center) have taken exception to appointment of Ishwore Pokharel as head of the school department.

The leaders during the meeting of erstwhile Maoists Sunday morning to decide heads of the departments they get to lead argued that a person who has been lobbying to make people’s multiparty democracy as the united party’s guiding principle should not be made chief of the school department.

“We would agree if the two chairmen keep the school department with themselves but it should not be given to Ishwore comrade,” a leader told Setopati.

Pokharel from erstwhile CPN-UML and Narayan Kaji Shrestha from Maoist Center are both claiming for the school department.

If both of the leaders keep claiming for the department even during the secretariat meeting Sunday afternoon, the two chairmen may well keep the department with them.

The former Maoist leaders also discussed about the heads of departments they get to lead during the meeting Sunday morning.

A meeting of secretariat members from the erstwhile UML held at the prime minister’s official residence Thursday night appointed Bam Dev Gautam as the head of organization department. Another secretariat member Pokharel will lead the school department, secretariat member Madhav Kumar Nepal foreign department, and secretariat member Jhala Nath Khanal policy and academy department.

CPN has 32 central departments out of which 18 will be headed by leaders from former UML and the remaining by former CPN (Maoist Center).

The party is expected to endorse heads of all the departments through the secretariat meeting in the afternoon.



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