Nepal to register note of dissent during Tuesday’s secretariat meeting

Senior CPN leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, who felt humiliated by the decisions of secretariat meeting of Sunday, will register note of dissent in the Tuesday’s meeting.
Nepal, who left the Sunday’s meeting after verbally registering his disapproval, will officially write note of dissent in Tuesday’s secretariat meeting.
The secretariat meeting held at the prime minister’s official residence in Baluwatar Sunday evening had made senior leader Jhala Nath Khanal the third-ranked leader leapfrogging Nepal.
Nepal had commented that he felt humiliated after Chairman KP Sharma Oli read the decision to the secretariat meeting. He also expressed displeasure with the decision to appoint chiefs and deputy chiefs of the party’s sister organizations.
“Alright, you all can take decisions but I have different opinion on those decisions. I will write note of dissent,” a leader close to Nepal quoted him as saying during the meeting. “He will register written note of dissent on the decisions taken by the secretariat meeting on Sunday. He will also raise the issue of forming the politburo as stipulated in the party statute,” a member of Nepal’s personal secretariat told Setopati.
Nepal has long been demanding formation of politburo but his demands have been ignored. The party statute mentions that the politburo, not exceeding one-third of the strength of central committee, should be formed.
The party has not formed the politburo over a year after unification but Bam Dev Gautam has been appointed vice-chairman despite the statute not having the position of vice-chairman.
The leader close to Nepal revealed that Nepal would raise the issues including operating the party in accordance to the statute, one person one position, one chairman leading the government and another leading the party in his note of dissent.
Nepal has argued that four leaders from the erstwhile CPN-UML should be added to the nine-strong secretariat if the statute can be violated at whims.
Nepal had last registered note of dissent during the secretariat meeting on September 29, 2018 claiming that incharge and deputy incharge, and chairman and secretary of the provincial committees were appointed violating the party statute.
A secretariat meeting had taken the decision when Nepal was on a foreign trip. The meeting had ignored the understanding of one person one position and appointed chief ministers as incharge of their respective provinces.



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