Not just CPN, even country will benefit when I am vice-chairman: Gautam

Secretariat member of the ruling CPN Bam Dev Gautam has claimed that both the party and the country stand to gain when he is vice-chairman.
Gautam, who has recently been appointed head of the organization department and vice-chairman of the party, reminded his contribution to the party. “I have made a huge contribution in formation of the party. Not just the party, but even the country will benefit when I am vice-chairman,” he stated.
He claimed that he will get party members established in each household. He said he will take the step to show that CPN members are different than those of other parties. “I will now work toward that,” he added.
When journalists asked how the post of vice-chairman not included in the party statute was created for him, he pointed the two chairmen should be asked about that.



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