All private hospitals in Dolakha against standards

It is found that all the private hospitals being operated in Dolakha are against the stipulated standards.

No private hospitals operational in the district have complied with building, human resource and technology directives as per the government standards.

Various stakeholders said that though there are three private hospitals, some polyclinics, some dental hospitals and medicals operational in the district all of them are running without complying with the standards.

There are two private hospitals in Dolakha headquarters Charikot and a private hospital in Dolakha Bazaar.

Likewise, there is a private hospital run by a NGO at Mainapokhari of Baiteswor rural municipality. Several polyclinics are under operation in headquarters Charikot and in other local rural municipalities.

These hospitals in papers have agreed to fulfill all government standards, the practices are quite different. Locals of Dolakha are at high risk with the hospitals not meeting the standards in delivering health facilities.



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