Tilottama municipality formulating local laws

Tilottama municipality of Rupandehi district is preparing to present drafts of various Bills and Regulations in the municipal assembly.

According to the Local Government Operation Act, the municipality has prepared the drafts of different local laws and is planning to present them in municipal assembly.

The second municipal assembly of the Tilottama municipality is taking place on January 22.

Municipality’s Legal Advisor Khumkanta Poudel said there is a legal provision stating the municipal chief (Mayor) shall have to authenticate the laws endorsed by municipal assembly after holding clause-wise discussions within 15 days.

The provision is that the Chief Administrative Officer should publish the authenticated laws in the gazette. The municipality has enforced some of the laws (Acts) after endorsing them from municipal assembly.

The municipality has formulated local laws in a framework that would not contravene with the federal laws prepared by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development.

Poudel further shared the provisions of provincial laws will be in place if any provisions of the local laws remain inconsistent with the provincial laws.

The municipality has already consulted stakeholders on the drafts of some Acts.

Mayor Basudev Ghimire said that mainly the drafts of education and cooperative Acts have drawn attention of more stakeholders.



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