Psycho-social counselling services provided to 800 women

Psycho-social counselling service has been provided to 800 women of the Shuklaphanta and Bedkot municipalities in Kanchanpur district.

Conflict Survivors and Single Women Development Centre, Kanchanpur provided this service under its Local Capacity for Peace Program.

The beneficiaries include single women and women survivors of domestic violence, racial discrimination and sexual violence, Center chairperson Sita Bohara, said.

“We have mobilised 12 trained counsellors and set up two peace centres at Shuklaphanta and Bedkot for this purpose,” she said.

The centre has provided psycho-social counselling to 55 women at an individual level and to 836 women in community groups, Centre’s programme officer Dambari Bista (Kunwar) said. She said the programme is mainly focused on conflict survivors, single women and their children.



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