Rs 12.5 million collected for setting up e-library

A local Bishnumaya Library here has collected Rs 12.5 million in donation in order to materialize its plan to set up an e-library.

This amount was generated from Shreemadbhagawat Mahapurana, a week-long religious program, organized here recently. The amount would be utilized for the construction of modern community building where e-library would be run.

The Bishnumaya Library and the recitation hall were established in 2024 BS. With the donation, these would be upgraded, said Keshav Prasad Gautam, Chairman of the committee to run the community building.

In the purana, the Kharpa Development Company donated the land worth Rs 600,000; while the Jeevan Bikas Samiti donated computers worth Rs 500,000.



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