Injured passengers brought to hospitals (Photos)

Efforts are underway to take passengers injured in US-Bangla plane crash at TIA to hospitals for treatment.

Almost half of the 28 passengers of the US-Bangla Airlines jet that caught fire while landing at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Monday afternoon have died. There were 71 persons on board including the crew members, according to the police.

“Twenty-eight of the 71 persons have been rescued,” Tourism Secretary Krishna Devkota told Setopati. Four of the rescued passengers are kids, according to Devkota.

Thirty-seven of the 71 on board are men and the rest are women and kids, according to the TIA. Only 28 persons could be rescued as most of those inside the plane were killed.

The TIA has confirmed there were 33 Nepalis on board. The nationalities of the injured and dead passengers have yet to be officially confirmed.


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