Farmers elated as Bihar govt starts cleaning Gandak drain

The farmers around the Gandak Command Area in west Nawalparasi will now get some relief from the problem of inundation and erosion that they had been enduring for years.

The Bihar state government of India has cleaned and repaired around 27,000 feet drain of the Gandak irrigation canal raising hopes among the farmers around the area that this would alleviate the problem of inundation and erosion of their farmland.

The Gandak Irrigation Management Division Office, Nawalparasi said that works on cleaning and repairing the drain has reached the final stages of completion on around 27 thousand square feet stretch of the irrigation canal from 5 RD to 32 RD.

It is believed the repair and cleaning of the duct of the irrigation canal would provide easy outlet to the excess water from the irrigation canal thereby preventing inundation and erosion.

Farmers of Susta and Pratappur rural municipalities would be relieved of the perennial problem of inundation and erosion that they have been suffering from every monsoon, said Lorik Yadav, the president of the local irrigation users’ committee.

The drain cleaning and repair work is being carried out at a cost of around 50 million Indian rupees, the Gandak Irrigation Management Division, Nawalparasi stated.



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