Attractive shed constructed to protect Ashoka Pillar

An attractive shed made using the traditional architecture has been constructed in order to protect and preserve the Ashoka Pillar at the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

The six meter long, four meter wide and eight meter high shed is covered with mud tiles in a traditional way. The tiles were brought from Rajasthan of India to give the structure an ancient look.

The shed was constructed at the cost of Rs. 3 million by the Lumbini Development Trust. “We have paid attention to the archaeological norms in building the structure,” archaeological officer at the Trust Himal Upreti said.

The Ashoka Pillar had recently broken and thus the new measure was taken to preserve it. It falls on the Taulihawa-Jitpur section. The Ashoka pillar is believed to have been constructed by then Emperor Ashoka following his 20th anniversary to the throne.



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