Night-time checking in eight-lane Ring Road after rise in hit and run cases

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A bus (Ba 2 Kha 3606) heading from Bhaktapur to Kalanki hit Furnang Sherpa on February 12 at Thasikhel of Lalitpur, killing him on the spot.

Police could not find out the bus even after initiating investigation on all vehicles that ply on the Ring Road.

They ultimately found the vehicle and also caught the bus driver on February 23 from Kavre where he was working as a driver of dozer. Investigation has been initiated against him.

Similarly, 40-year-old Bhalbir Chaudhari of Saptari was killed when a tipper, whose registration number is yet to be known him, hit him at 11 pm on February 6 at Satdobato Chowk. The tipper is yet to be found. However, police have initiated search against the tipper.

A truck that hit a woman at Gwarko in February is also yet to be found.

The widening of the Koteshwor-Balkhu section to eight lanes has been completed. Traffic Police said they have noticed most of the vehicles plying on this section travel at a high speed especially during the night and in the morning after the expansion. And zebra crossings are not yet installed which has certainly increased insecurity for the pedestrians.

At least six persons have been killed in hit and run cases in this road section in the last seven months. Police have filed vehicular homicide case against all six drivers.

Satdobato Police Circle Chief DSP Binod Silwal said that police have begun recording the details of four-wheelers plying in the night from mid-February after hit and run cases started to increase.

“Several vehicles started to run after hitting the pedestrians,” Silwal said, “We’ve started checking to help find which vehicle hit the pedestrians and take them under control immediately.”

Silwal said the records have been kept of the vehicles plying the Koteshwor-Gwarko-Kalanki section from 10 pm to 5 am.

According to Silwal, vehicles going from Koteshwor to Satdobato make their entry at Balkumari bridge and those going from Kalanki to Satdobato make entry at Balkhu. Similarly, vehicles coming from other routes also make their entry at Satdobato and Mahalaxmisthan.

Drivers have to mention their names, vehicle numbers, their contact numbers and time of checking.  DSP Silwal said that after police started to keep the recording of vehicles and drivers, the rate of road mishaps is decreasing drastically.

“We don’t know whether it is just coincidence or impact, but there has been no accident in the Koteshwor-Gwarko-Kalanki section after we started to keep records of vehicles and drivers,” Silwal said.



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