Katari faces high risk from forest fire at Churiya area

A file photo

Human settlements around Katari are at high risk from forest fires that have occurred at Belsrot, Khasibas and Risku of Churiya area in Udayapur district. These areas lie in Katari municipality.

Locals say that the forest fire at these three places is spreading toward the human settlements.

Katari municipality and the Katari Area Forest Office are working to contain the forest fires, municipality mayor Gyanendra Shrestha said.

Shrestha is leading a team to tame the forest fire at Risku and his team worked the whole night Saturday to douse the fire which has put 300 households in the area at risk. The local people’s representatives have also joined hands in fighting the forest fire.

Similarly, Shrestha said local people’s representatives, office-bearers of the community forest users groups and locals have been mobilized to contain the forest fire at Belsrot which is spreading to human settlements.

According to him, so far about 1,000 hectares forest has been destroyed by fire in the area.

Likewise, locals estimate that nearly 2,000 hectares forest has been destroyed by fire at Handiya, Jogidaha, Lalpata, Patlebas areas in Triyuga municipality. The forest fires have been raging at these areas since a week.



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