Nepali involved in trafficking Russian women to India via Nepal held

Police have nabbed a Nepali agent involved in trafficking of Russian women to India via Nepal and rescued two Russian women.

SP of Rupanedhi Police Shyam Lal Gyawali told Setopati that Bablu Miya Siddiqui of Belhiya has been involved in trafficking foreign women to India from Bhairahawa. Siddiqui has been sending Russian, Uzbek, Tajik and other women arriving to Nepal on a tourist visa to India through Sunauli border point on fake Indian visa, Gyawali claimed citing police investigations.

Siddiqui would charge Rs 500,000 from each woman for forging visas and to bribe Indian police and transportation cost.

SP Gyawali claimed the foreign women are taken to New Delhi on promise of good income and sexually exploited there. He added that Siddiqui had trafficked three Russian women to New Delhi via Sunauli just a week ago.

Siddiqui, however, has told the police that he is involved only in getting the women across the border and claimed that such activities are done even through Krihnanagar and Raxaul border points.

Police say an international racket is involved in bringing foreign women from Dubai, Malaysia and Bangkok to Nepal and trafficking them to India through different border points. They have identified Joginder Singh, who stays in India, as the ringleader.

Singh reportedly has both Indian and Nepali passports. He had given shelter to gangster Manoj Pun who was recently killed by Nepal Police.



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