Home secy calls to release arrestees

Police released Prakash Mishra, who was arrested for banking fraud, on Saturday morning following a call from Home Secretary Mohan Krishna Sapkota.

Metropolitan Police Crime Division had arrested Mishra on Friday in check bounce case. Kishan Rai had filed a case against Mishra after check of Rs 13 million given by Mishra could not be processed due to insufficient fund.

Home Secretary Sapkota had called the Metropolitan Police Crime Division following Mishra’s arrest.

A police source said Mishra was released on Saturday on condition of being present on Monday despite being a holiday. The police also claimed that Mishra was released on Rai’s consent after Mishra agreed to provide him the amount on Monday.

This is not the first incident of Home Secretary Sapkota interfering disregarding the chain of command of police organization, to release persons close to him.

According to a source, Sapkota had called Rupandehi Police to release a drug dealer some days ago.

A police official, preferring anonymity, told Setopati, “He is always keen to know even small matters. He could also talk to seniors if he really wants to. But he simply tries to interfere.”

However, Home Secretary Sapkota claimed that he had never intervened.

Talking to Setopati, Sapkota said, “Maybe someone is not satisfied and told you a lie. I am the one who have instructed to arrest the criminals. So how can I free them?” he said, “There’s nothing like that. If there’s anything, I will look into it.”




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