Facebook to be banned in all ministries of Karnali from Tuesday

The government of Karnali is banning Facebook in government offices from Tuesday saying the staffers spend most of their working time in using it.

The provincial government in its first phase will ban using the social networking site from Tuesday in all ministries.

Chief Minister of Karnali province Mahendra Bahadur Shahi informed that banning of Facebook will gradually be implemented in all government offices of the province.

Shahi further said Facebook will be banned only in the ministries for now as regional and district offices have not come under the provincial government yet.

“We want staffers to spend their time of using Facebook for the prosperity and development of people and province,” he said, “This is necessary.”

CM Shahi held a discussion on banning Facebook among internet service providers on Sunday.

Government-owned Nepal Telecom and World Link, Subisu, Techminds network and Surkhet Cable net are the various internet service providers in Surkhet and other districts of the province.

World Link Surkhet chief Nawaraj Pangali said he will support banning of Facebook during office hours. According to Pangali, provincial government will officially write to the service providers appealing them to ban Facebook during office hours. He informed that Facebook will be banned from 10 am to 5 pm in provincial ministries from Tuesday onward as per the letter.



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