Crushers, sand washing machines shut down in Nuwakot to clean Trishuli

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District Administration Office, Nuwakot has stopped use of sand washing machines and crushers that make Trishuli river muddy.

Trishuli would be muddy even in the winter as during the monsoon with sludge coming from sand washing machines drained into the river.

Chief District Officer (CDO) of Nuwakot Birendra Kumar Yadav informed that as many as 60 sand washing machines and five crushers, which are being operated without meeting the required standards, have been closed from Friday.

“We’ve banned crushers and sand washing machines that do not meet the required standards,” Yadav told Setopati, “Sand washing machines will come into operation once the local bodies implements new standards.”

Crushers and sand washing machines have been banned after the Cottage and Small Scale Industry Committee wrote to the administration.

Yadav said illegal extraction of sand has been banned in Belkotgadhi municipality areas including from Kolputar to Nuwakot-Rasuwa and Samarikhola, Likhukhola and Tadikhola banks.

Nuwakot Police Chief SP Basanta Kunwar informed that the closed industries will be resumed once the local bodies formulate law and implements the same.

“No one can operate sand washing machines and crushers on their own. We are in favor of allowing industries as per the criteria,” Kunwar said, “How can one be allowed to use illegal crushers and to mix sludge into  the river? We have stopped illegal industries to prevent Trishuli water from being polluted.”

Meanwhile, no sand extraction industries have been registered in Nuwakot.

Local people living near the river areas, local bodies and administration have stressed on the need for bringing illegally operated industries under the law.

“Local bodies should be responsible. Citizens should be aware. We will not let anyone to pollute the river water,” Kunwar said, “We will only allow those industries who follow the rules, processes and standard to operate .”

Power supply to crushers and sand washing machines was disrupted in mid-March. These crushers and machines have remained closed after that.

With this, Trishuli river has become clean these days after a gap of 12 years. District Coordination Committee, local bodies and administration are of the view to resume the closed industries once they build a tank for sedimentation of the sludge.

Earthquake victims have been urging for reopening of these industries to meet the demand for construction materials including sand, pebbles and stones. The government has set new standards which prohibit crushers and sand washing machines from operating within 100 meters from the rivers.



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