Here today, gone tomorrow

Traffic lights stop working less than 24 hours after installation

Traffic lights installed in Kathmandu Valley on Tuesday after 11 years have stopped working in less than 24 hours.

The traffic lights had come into operation at New Baneshwor, Padmodaya intersection of Putalisadak, Shankar Dev intersection, Narayan Gopal Chowk of Maharajgunj, Soalteemode and in front of Kathmandu Metropolitan Office from Tuesday afternoon. But those at Narayan Gopal Chowk, New Baneswhor and Keshar Mahal have stopped working by Wednesday morning.

Those installed at other places, however, are working.

The traffic lights built by Yarsha Technology had wireless technology installed. The lights can operate both automatically and also using remote control.

The lights of New Baneshwore were reconstructed at a cost of Rs 1.50 million while the new ones in Narayan Gopal Chowk were built at Rs 2.50 million.

Traffic lights in the Valley have not been in operation since 2006 even though they were used during the 18th SAARC Summit held in Kathmandu in November, 2014.

Traffic police had to use hand gestures for the management of traffic in the main intersections of the Valley in lack of traffic lights.

These traffic lights have been installed on joint effort of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Department of Roads and Kathmandu Metropolitan City.



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