5th int’l conference on renewal energy from Thursday

The 5th international conference on renewal energy technology development is beginning in the capital from Thursday.

The conference is being hosted by Kathmandu University with the support of various national and international organizations working in the field of renewal energy. The International Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society is providing technical support to the conference.

Some 300 delegates from 25 countries including Germany, the UK, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and the US, and host Nepal, among others, are taking part in the conference organized with the objective of promoting the development of RE technology. Different 90 working papers are being presented at the conference, according to KU associate Dean Dr Ramesh Maskey.

Consumption of renewal energy in Nepal is less than four per cent, which needs to be increased to minimize the use of firewood and cooking gas. And hence, the conference would be helpful towards that end, Dr Maskey said.



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