Smart phone distribution for climate-resilient agriculture

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The Saptari District Agriculture Development Office has distributed necessary equipment to farmers to reduce possible risks resulting from the negative effects of climate change in agriculture sector.

According to Senior Agriculture Development Officer Bhagirath Yadav, the farmers’ groups were provided with smart phone, cellular phone SIM card, meteorological measurement equipment and thermometer at a program organized on Wednesday.

He further informed that the support was provided to 63 farmers’ groups for agriculture purpose.

On the occasion, Province-2 Minister for Land Management and Agriculture Cooperative Shailendra Prasad Saha handed over the support package to 63 farmers’ groups of Saptari district.

The equipment were provided to the farmers to disseminate agriculture-related information to farmers, farmers’ community and stakeholders through agro information system and help adapt the climate change so as to increase agriculture productivity.

The equipment support was handed over to the farmers as part of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture Development



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