Over 1,300 robots dance together to break Guinness World Record

A new Guinness record has been set in Italy for the most number of robots dancing simultaneously, where 1,372 tiny humanoids synced many different moves to music.

Since 2016, technology companies have been setting up armies of dancing robots and battling it out for the Guinness World Records title ‘Most robots dancing simultaneously’.

In August last year, 1,069 ‘Dobi’ machines set a record in China, but the mark has now been raised to 1,372.

The latest record-breaking attempt was organized in Italy, using the Alpha 1S robot which is just under 40 cm tall and made of aluminium alloy with a plastic coating.

The humanoids were built by Chinese company UBTECH, which also engineered the first record-breaking dance off in 2016.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Lorenzo Veltri attended the shoot to make the record official, by ensuring all the machines were dancing at the same time and discounting any that fell during the attempt.

The Alpha 1S robot is extraordinarily flexible, which allows it to perform many different dance moves in time to music, according to Guinness.



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