Drinking water project starts in Myagdi

A drinking water and sanitation project has started at Beni municipality-9 in Myagdi.

The Nildaha Drinking Water and Sanitation Project will cost approximately Rs 27.5 million with 80 percent investment of the government, and benefit at least 253 households at Neptechaur, Tinmane, Kuwagaira, Batase and Dandabari.

The Drinking Water and Sanitation Sub Division Office, Myagdi has initiated the project. The government will provide a grant of approximately Rs 22 million, and the locals will contribute voluntary labour of worth more than Rs 5.2 million. A target has been set to complete the construction works of the project within three years.

Work is on to set up a water tank with 50,000 liters capacity at Neptechaur, while other three water tanks with 20000 liters capacity each will be installed at Tinmane and Dallopokhari, said Consumer Committee’s Secretary Buddhi Bahadur Chokhale. Likewise, a water tank with 50000 liters capacity will be set up at Dilaghar.



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