36,000 recorded for health insurance scheme in Ilam

A total of 36,005 have been insured from Ilam district under the government introduced Health Insurance Scheme, said the District Health Insurance Board.

Under the insurance program, a family of five members is required to pay Rs 2,500 ever year for the facility.

Similarly, a family of more than five members has to pay extra Rs 450 each member every year.

A five-member family can, under the insurance scheme, claim Rs 50,000 worth of medical treatment, and Rs 10,000 will be added each person for a family of more than five members for the facility.

Those registered under the scheme have been receiving medical treatment from various health institutions in Ilam and other bordering districts including Jhapa, said a Board employee Khem Raj Adhikari.

Each insured person is entitled to a host of medical services like OPD, emergency, MRI and a surgery, and can get altogether 1,118 types of medicines for free, he said.



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