Chapakot municipality obliges teachers to enroll their kids in community schools

The Chapakot municipality in Syangja district has decided not to release the salaries of community schools’ teachers within the municipality if their kids were not enrolled in the community schools.

Mayor Shiva Kumar Giri said that the education committee of the municipality took such decision to compulsorily enroll the children of the community school teachers in the community schools.

Giri said that the decision would be taken gradually by targeting other officials of the municipality as well.

“We took such decision realizing the poor quality of education in the government schools after the teachers’ kids were sent to the private schools.”

The policy would come into force from the beginning of the new academic session of 2075 BS.

Giri observed that teachers sending their children to the community schools would disseminate positive message and that would help lure the children to the government schools.

Likewise, the municipality is preparing to unveil new programs to encourage the students’ enrollment campaign in the community schools.



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