Rasuwa to host literary festival in commemoration of quake victims

Rasuwa is to host the Langtang Literary Festival next month, commemorating those departed souls who lost their lives in the district during the 2015 April earthquake. On the initiation of local Rasuwa Srasta Samaj, the festival is to be held on May 12.

Poetry recitation and drawing are the part of the festival, said litterateur Phurpa Tamang. The objective of the event is to send a message that Langtang Trekking Route is safe in the aftermath of quake and to make locals aware of the promotion of tourism and protect biological diversities in the district which is rich in natural resources.

A total of 175 locals and some others tourists and trekking guides were killed in the major earthquake that hit the country to its core with mostly affecting 14 districts including Rasuwa, the mountainous district in Province 3.

Meanwhile, the Kyangjawen Monastery here which was largely damaged by the earthquake has been reconstructed.The monastery that lies in the Langtang area at an altitude of 3,900 meters above the sea level was restored with the help of donors, according to Langtang Reconstruction Management Committee chair Temba Lama.

Japanese national Aaya Akashi donated Rs 9 million to rebuild the 600-year-old Buddhist temple.



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