Monsoon likely to be fully active in few days

Due to the influence of the westerly wind rainfall occurred in most parts of the country Wednesday including in the capital. RSS

Monsoon that had entered the country four days ago is yet to become fully active nationwide.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology had announced the arrival of monsoon in the country on June 8. According to meteorologist Barun Poudel, monsoon has been active in some areas of eastern and central parts of Nepal, it is likely to take some more days to move from east to westward and become fully active. The central part continues to witness rains at night. Rainfall has been forecast in surrounding of the Kathmandu Valley and eastern region Tuesday evening.

Though monsoon is active in the eastern part, maximum rainfall is measured at 45 millimeters on average. There seems no possibility of water-induced disasters for some days as heavy rainfall is yet to occur there.

As stated by Poudel, western parts of Nepal will continue to be hit by scorching heat as monsoon is to take some days to become active in the region.

According to the latest data released by the Meteorological Forecasting Division under the Department, Dhankuta received the maximum rainfall 41 mm Tuesday and it is followed by 27 mm in Simara, 15mm in Kathmandu and in Biratnagar and 5 mm in Okhadhunga. The Valley’s maximum temperature in the past three days was measured at 31 to 31.5 degree Celsius while it slightly slid today and was measured at 30 degree Celsius.

Monsoon in Nepal tentatively begins on June 10.



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