‘Rainfall for three days, don’t travel in hills unless absolutely necessary’

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has forecast rainfall across the country for three days and advised people to not travel in hilly areas unless absolutely necessary citing risks of landslides.

The bulletin issued on Monday states that there will be rainfall across the country Monday afternoon and night. It has warned of heavy rainfall at a few places in the eastern, some places in the central and a few places in the western parts of the country.

It has also forecast normal and moderate rain across the country Tuesday afternoon and night. Rainfall will continue even on Wednesday, according to the bulletin.

It has revealed that water level in Kankai, Kamala, Bagmati, Eastern Rapti, Tinau, Western Rapti, Babai, Mohna and other rivers is increasing, and warned that the rivers may cross the alert level. The rivers, however, are unlikely to cross the danger level.

Koshi will cross alert level in the areas around Chatara after five Monday evening. The river will be above alert level until Tuesday, according to the department, but will not cross the danger level.

“There is high risk of flood in rivers flowing through Chure region in Province 1 and 2 including Lalbakaiya, Ratu, Khando, Gaagan, Sunsari, Budhi, Biring, Mechi and others. There are moderate risks of flood in Province 3 and Gandaki, and plains of Province 5 and Karnali,” the bulletin reads. “Low-lying areas in the plains can be inundated. Let us remain alert.”



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