Development activities gain pace in Sunsari

The development activities in Harinagar rural municipality of Sunsari district has gained pace in the recent time.

With the repair and reconstruction of roads in their community, the locals have felt that the development activities were expedited by their representatives.

A local Naim Ansari said, “I’m happy to see seven roads in the rural municipality getting blacktopped at once.”

With the initiative of Chairman of the rural municipality Gafar Ansari, seven roads were being blacktopped here. He said the companies for the reconstruction were contracted after the tender notice.

“It will be a huge relief to the people here after the roads, which are muddy in the rains and dusty during sunny time, are reconstructed and blacktopped,” said another Chandan Mehta.

Meanwhile, the office of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Sunsari, has collected the tax of over Rs four million in a year alone.

In the last fiscal year, the office collected Rs 4.1 million revenue, said conservation officer Shyam Kumar Saha.



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