Oxygen cylinders explode in Jyatha (Photos)

Explosion of oxygen cylinders created terror at Jyatha early Tuesday morning.

A fire was triggered by short circuit in the water heater of the house of Sunil Man Sthapit at 4:30 am on Tuesday. The fire also spread to the shop of Pemba Dorje where he stored oxygen to be used for climbing mountains resulting in explosion of the oxygen cylinders, according to the police.

There have been no human casualties in the incident. The power supply to that area was disrupted due to the fire. The details of damage have yet to be collected, according to chief of Kathmandu Police SSP Basanta Lama. “Both the houses have been destroyed in the fire,” Lama said, “Windowpanes of other houses are broken. The police are collecting the details of damage.”

The fire damaged three stories of Sthapit’s house.

Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Bidya Sundar Shakya has inspected the site on Tuesday itself.

Photo: Kathmandu Metropolitan City



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