Almost 500 Nepal Police personnel including SSPs punished in four months

1353 police personnel awarded

The Nepal Police headquarters took action against 494 police personnel including senior superintendent of police (SSP) and office assistant in the past four months for violating the Nepal Police Regulation.

A total of 165 police personnel including two SSPs were punished on April 15. SSP Divesh Lohani and SSP Shyam Khatri were suspended during the investigation in connection with 33 kilogram gold smuggling and Sanam Shakya murder case.

Meanwhile, four police personnel were suspended after finding them going against the organizational policies.  Some 75 police personnel of different designations were reprimanded.

Similarly, action against 36 police personnel was taken from mid-May to mid-June and 165 police personnel from mid-June to mid-July. Among them, 14 police personnel were suspended while action was taken against the remaining officers in accordance to the offenses they committed.

Meanwhile, the police headquarters initiated proceedings against 129 police personnel from mid-July to mid-August. Nepal Police Spokesperson SSP Shailesh Thapa Chhetri said that action was initiated against those police personnel violating the police regulation and did not pay attention to their regular duties.

“IGP sir has clearly directed us not to spare any personnel going against the rules and regulation of the organization,” Spokesperson Chhetri said.

A 10-point plan was unveiled with an aim to bring reforms in the organization after appointment of Sarbendra Khanal as the IGP.

“The 10-point plan can be seen on the walls of every police office,” spokesperson Chhetri said, “The center had issued circular to all the districts stating that those seeking service from police should be addressed in a just manner and action will be taken against those who don’t.”

Meanwhile, the police headquarters also awarded the police personnel for their good performance. As many as 1,353 police personnel were awarded in the past four months.

“It is the policy of IGP Sir to take action against those who go against the regulation and to award those personnel for outstanding performance,” Spokesperson Chhetri stated, “We are awarding police personnel who serve keeping the welfare of the organization at the center.  There can be some people who have bad attitude as well in this big organization. We are taking action against them by identifying such personnel.”




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