Noor Prasad vandalizes courtroom, swings chair at Patan High Court officer

Elder brother of Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Phujel, Gorkha who was murdered by the then Maoist rebels, has attacked officer of the Patan High Court bench Roshan Basnet and vandalized the bench.

Registrar at the court Baburam Dahal said Noor Prasad Adhikari has been arrested by the police after he resorted to vandalism in the courtroom Sunday afternoon. “He resorted to vandalism after the court upheld the district court verdict in the case he was assigned the representative,” Dahal said. “He grabbed a wooden chair and attacked the officer of bench with it but could not connect.”

Dahal said Adhikari was appearing as a representative in a few cases of Binu Ghatani Sunar including a land dispute, revocation of a contract, evacuation of house among others. The Kathmandu District Court had revoked the cases citing lack of evidence. Sunar had moved the Patan High Court against that verdict.

Adhikari first smashed a computer after High Court Justices Ramesh Pokharel and Shekhar Prasad Paudel upheld the Kathmandu District Court. He also smashed bookshelf, chairs and other items in the courtroom.

Registrar Dahal said Adhikari will be tried for contempt of court.



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