Betrayal now criminal offense, jail term of up to five years

The new General Code has made betrayal a criminal offense attracting a sentence of three to five years.

Police have started to receive betrayal complaints due to the provision kept in clause 252 of the General Criminal Code that came into effect on August 17.

One Manohar Tiwari of Nuwakot earned trust of many and assured to settle cases stating he is a lawyer and has access to courts. He allegedly collected over Rs 50 million from different persons and cooperatives. He would hunt for appropriate cases and collect money promising to settle the cases. But he would never do their work.

He would even sell land and other assets of others. Police could not provide justice to the victims as he would destroy all the evidence. Tiwari can now be tried in the court after implementation of the new General Criminal Code.

“We have lodged a case of criminal betrayal against Tiwari. We are conducting investigation,” Spokesperson at the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu DSP Mohan Kumar Thapa told Setopati.

Clause 252 of the new General Criminal Code has a provision of a jail term of three to five years, and fine of Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 for betraying trust of others and harming them.

One can now lodge betrayal complaint if someone takes illegal control of an entrusted property or gives it to others for use. Similarly, betrayal case can also be lodged if someone harms others by taking responsibility of any work or transaction.

Many would complain pointing at loss and misappropriation of properties citing betrayal in the past. “The complainants would not have evidence. The cases were of serious nature but we could not take action in lack of law,” DSP Thapa said. “It would be difficult for police to investigate as evidence would be destroyed. It has been easier now.”

He revealed that complaints of betrayal have increased after August.



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