NAST faces human resource crunch

Human resource crunch at Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has affected the research and study programs. The only government entity to conduct research and study on multifarious issues relating to science and technology faced the dearth of human resource after the appointments in various posts were obstructed for long.

Chief of technology department at NAST engineer Dr Prasad Dhakal informed that the programs launched before and after the earthquake were in severe need of manpower.

NAST has planned to set up its branches at every province in line with the federal set up. However, it is not implemented owing to not having adequate skilled employees.

The government entity has no authority to open recruitment process on its own, while it takes time to get the employees from the Public Service Commission.

So, the technology department at NAST has currently nearly 25 employees, which are the temporary employees.

Dhakal further said it would be easy if at least 20 employees were recruited. The exodus of technical human resources is one of the cogent reasons behind the dearth of such human resources in the country.



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