Families of four missing from Bomjon’s ashrams file police complaints

From L to R: Sancha Lal Waiba, Chunmo and Dolmo, and Suresh Ale Magar

Four separate police complaints have been registered in different districts claiming that family members have disappeared from Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s ashram.

Mahendra Waiwa of Makwanpur has filed a police complaint requesting for search of his father who went to Bomjon’s ashram, Hasta Bahadur Ale Magar of Bara in search of his son, Bijay Rumba of Makwanpur for her elder sister and Ganga Maya Tamang of Nuwakot for her younger sister

Waiwa of Hetauda sub-metropolitan city 14 has lodged the police complaint claiming his father Sancha Lal has been missing from the ashram of Bomjon, who is living in guise of an austere sage, for four years.

Waiwa’s father had called from Bomjon’s ashram in Badegaun, Sindhupalchowk on March 28, 2015 and said he will return home three days later. He had filed police complaint even then when his father did not come home even in 10 days. He then went to the ashram two days later only to be told that his father had already left the ashram.

He has mentioned in the complaint that his father has not been found despite searching for all these years.

Bomjon’s disciples, who were at the ashram at the time, have told Setopati that his father Sancha Lal was beaten to death on Bomjon’s instruction inside the ashram.

Rumba of Rangashala, Hetauda has filed the complaint in search of elder sister Phul Maya Rumba who was named Dolmo at Bomjon’s ashram. Rumba has mentioned that his sister, who was staying at the ashram since 2011, had called in February 2015 from the ashram in Badegaun, Sindhupalchowk saying she will come home soon to see her parents.

Her parents were told she left the ashram in April when they went to meet him in June. She has not been in contact since that last phone call.

Dolmo’s friend Karma Tamang of Nuwakot, named Chunmo at the ashram, is also missing. “This applicant’s younger sister had gone to the Bomjon ashram in Sindhuli for study in 2011,” Chunmo’s elder sister Ganga Maya Tamang has said in her complaint with Nuwakot Police filed on Thursday. “She had come home with a friend in 2012 and stayed for a day. They returned to the ashram. They have not come into contact ever since. I have registered this application seeking requisite search.”

Ganga Maya and her family had tried to meet Bomjon after Chunmo went missing but he refused to meet. She says those close to Bomjon told them that they do not know where Chunmo went after leaving the ashram.

Mahendra Waiwa, Bijay Rumba and Ganga Maya Tamang were unaware about the violence and murder of their father and sisters respectively until Setopati published a news report titled ‘Series of sexual exploitation and violence in Bomjon’s ashrams’ documenting how four persons are missing from his ashram.

Hasta Bahadur Ale Magar, who contacted Setopati saying his son Suresh has also been missing from Bomjon’s ashram for three years after the news report was published, also filed the police complaint on Thursday.

Magar’s son Suresh, who had been living in Bomjon’s ashram, had returned home after the Gorkha Earthquake in 2015. Magar claimed that Bomjon’s disciple Jas Bahadur Waiwa had convinced his son, who had returned home for good, to return to ashram and taken him on a motorcycle. Magar claims that his son has not been in contact ever since.

“I request to find his actual state and rescue him as he has gone missing from Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s ashram,” Magar’s complaint reads.



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