Govt relaxes ban on division of land

Arable land however cannot be divided to build houses

The government has relaxed the ban on division of land enforced since July 2017.

Holding a press conference at the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation on Friday, Minister Padma Aryal said the ban has been relaxed to resolve practical problems of the public.

“We have instructed the Department of Survey and others to allow division of land as there are practical problems like those in dividing inheritance among the siblings,” Minister Aryal said. “But one cannot divide arable land for the purpose of building houses there.”

The local bodies have been authorized to determine whether the land is arable or not. Land can be divided once the local body concerned recommends that the land is not arable. “This is a temporary solution. We will soon start to maintain data of land as to whether it is arable or not in the ministry’s software,” she revealed. “We have to depend on the local bodies for now.”



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