WePower first regional conference kicks off

The first regional conference of the women in power sector professional network (WePower) kicked off in Lalitpur Wednesday.

The two-day event aims to send a message that South Asian women are competent to take up responsibilities of challenging fields as their male counterparts on an equal footing by breaking the four walls.

The event organized with the objective of encouraging women’s participation in power sector on the initiation of the World Bank was inaugurated by WB country director for Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, Idah Z Pswarayi-Riddihough. On the occasion, she said every woman in the South Asia is competitive and they are ready to take up the responsibility of any challenging works if given opportunities.

A total of 250 female engineers associated with the government and from the SAARC countries are attending the seminar which will go through discussions on women entrepreneurship in energy, participation of female engineers in it and guarantee of retention of them, opportunities for career development of junior engineers, energy and gender balance and women’s contribution to the renewable energy sector.



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