Technicians for post-quake reconstruction up in arms affecting work

Technicians deployed for the post-quake reconstruction being up in arms has affected reconstruction work.

Administrative work of all 11 local levels in the district has halted. As a result, recommendation for the release of tranches of housing grant and survey of building new houses, among others, have stopped due to the strike by the technician staff, said the locals.

The technicians have taken to the streets putting forth eight-point demand. Their demands include reinstatement of facilities, incentives, perks and inflation allowance given to them.

They have also demanded arrangements for identity cards, health and accident insurance and capacity building training for them.

“We will not renounce our protest until our demands are met,” said Balaram Ghimire, district coordinator for the technicians’ welfare protection committee.

The struggle committee has submitted a memorandum to concerned authorities and also drew the attention of the National Reconstruction Authority to the matter through the Chief District Officer.

A total of 251 technicians including 106 engineers, 74 sub engineers and 71 assistant sub-engineers are associated with the reconstruction in the district.



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