APF personnel on UN missions no longer have to pay US$ 150

The Armed Police Force (APF) personnel deployed for peace-keeping missions of the United Nations abroad will no longer have to pay US$ 150 (over Rs 15,000).
The board meeting of the APF’s Welfare Service Center took the decision to that regard, according to APF Spokesperson DIG Suraj Kumar Shrestha. The APF personnel returning from UN missions earlier had to make one-time contribution of $35 to APF Women’s Association, $35 to Former APF Association and $80 to APF Club.
“These associations did not have resources in the beginning. The rule to contribute to those associations was made for financial assistance,” DIG Shrestha said. “The decision to no longer ask for contribution has been made as the board deemed that the associations no longer need the contributions.”
The APF currently sends its personnel to two missions in South Sudan who return after a one-year term. There are currently 322 APF personnel deployed in South Sudan.
A total of 28 APF persons currently are on UN missions in Haiti, Liberia and other countries on personal level.
The APF personnel deployed on UN missions, however, still have to contribute nine percent of their monthly remuneration to the force’s welfare fund.
Nepal Police and Nepal Army personnel deployed on UN missions also have to contribute a certain proportion of their remuneration to their respective welfare funds.



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